tango cardona experience 2024

Thursday 20.6.

  • 17h Welcome arrival
  • Accommodation Process
  • 20h Dinner (Sergio's Cuisine)
  • 22h-3h Milonga DJ Carmen (Mexico)

Friday 21.6.

  • 11h-12:15h First Class
  • 12:30h-13:45h Second Class
  • 14h Lunch (Sergio's Cuisine)
  • 16h Practica DJ Kampa (Cat) /Private Classes
  • 20h Dinner (Sergio's Cuisine)
  • 22h-3h Milonga Dj Oker (France/Cat)

Saturday 22.6.

  • 11h-12:15h Third Class
  • 12:30h-13:45h Fourth Class
  • 14h Lunch (Sergio's Cuisine)
  • 16h-18h Practica DJ Carmen (Mexico) /Private Classes
  • 18h Milonguita on the square DJ Giocher (Italy/Mexico)
  • 21h Dinner (Sergio's Cuisine) DJ Guals Kitchen's Session
  • 23h-5h Milonga – open end DJ Adele (France)

Sunday 23.6.

  • 11h-12:15h Fifth Class
  • 12:30h-13:45h Sixth Class
  • 14:15h Lunch (Sergio's Cuisine)
  • 16:30h Practica DJ Adele (France) /Private Classes
  • 21h Dinner (Sergio's Cuisine) DJ Surprise Kitchen's Session
  • 22:30h Concert (Entre Mundos)
  • 00:30h-6h  Milonga+After Cafe DJ Kampa (Cat)

Monday 24.6.

  • 11h-14h Practica (If you are alive) DJ Surprise
  • 14h-17h Lunch (Sergio's Cuisine) DJ Surprise Kitchen's Session
  • 16h-18h Castle+Salt Mountain+Lake (all very flexible)
  • 22h Farewell Milonga DJ Giocher
  • All programm can be changed due to external factors at any time