The teachers

Carmen María Hergos

Mexican dancer and teacher based in Barcelona. She has been working for more than twelve years on the research of a more natural and inclusive tango, with more communication possibilities of the dance partner and also the tango community. She writes, reflects and teaches dance from the understanding of both roles, and also from a role-free point, to enhance the connection with music and the act of dancing as a celebration of life. In Barcelona she works actively with her own group: Tango Natural. She takes part in the organisation of the Glorieta Milonga, has been a guest teacher at the Tangopostale festival in Toulouse, France, and the Contactango Collage festival in Catalonia. She has also taken her workshops and classes to Cancun, Merida and Mexico City. She has been part of the organisation of the first queer tango festival in Spain.

Sebastian de la Vallina

One of the most recognised tango teachers from Rosario, Argentina, where he left an enormous milonguera and professional heritage. He tours in Europe since 2007. Spain, Italy, France, Germany and Norway. In 2017 he settled down in Rome. His style is balanced between tradition and avant-garde. Moira Castellano, Florencia Albano, Mariana Dragone and Yamila Ivonne were some of his companions. He was a cellist in the symphony and chamber orchestra of Rosario. He composed the music for the film “Fragmento”, modern classical music and contemporary tango. Currently he gives classic tango concerts with his cello.

Felipe Slimobich

Dancer, composer, writer and organiser of alternative tango events, he has participated in various festivals, both as a musician and as a dancer and teacher, around Europe, Argentina, Russia, the United States and Malaysia since 2001. The important point, according to his philosophy, is not to stay in the comfort of traditional tango, but to make creative use of it in order to build his own style, to generate new possibilities and to interact with other languages in order to expand sensory experiences and to travel with the imagination through dance.

The DJ's


David Firmin | France/ Spain
Organizer of milongas and concerts since 2005, resident DJ in Barcelona, also works in the rest of Europe and Argentina. Always faithful to traditional Tango, he is a great artist opening new spaces with his alternative music proposal.


Mona Isabelle| Germany

For 20 years Mona Isabelle is DJ & owner of TANGOLOFT Berlin, one of the Europe’s largest Tango Clubs, where every weekend she enchants tango dancers from all over the world with her music, energy and the beauty of the romantic Room, plenty of candles, flowers and antique furniture.

Internationally, Mona Isabelle is very active, Djing in Festivals and Milongas around Europe and Argentina, like Parakultural, La Viruta, ZonaTango, La Catedral, Bilongon.

In addition for 12 years she has been organizing the "Contemporary Tango Festival" in Berlin’s Central train station in cooperation with the contemporary opera house of Berlin.

Also she brings the spirit of Argentine Tango to hidden places in Berlin where Tango never have been danced before: Airports, Berlin Clubs, Opera houses, Ships, Prisons and many more…

Always in search of talented contemporary musicians who compose Tango to keep the dance and music alive, she combines the tradition with the modern Tango in her DJ Sets.

In 2018 she founded a musical duo with Carlos Libedinsky (NARCOTANGO), called “SouthAmericanBeats”. In the DJ Live Sets, they make a fusion of South American Rhytms, Electronics and Bandoneon.

In February 2022, Mona Isabelle was the DJ at the Grand opening Night of the 1st Electronic Tango Festival in Buenos Aires.

El Giócher

Ives Bourguet Caldarella | Mexico/ Italy

According to El Giócher dance is a way to play, so his musical suggestions are like a playground full of a wide ranging of emotions and surprises. For this reason his eclectic selection includes traditional tango from all periods and world music that can be danced inside the embrace of tango. By listening the mood and the ambient in the dance floor, he leads and follows the dancers movement, just like as he was dancing with all of them.

He plays in milongas since 2007. In Rome he was one of the organizers and DJ resident at the milonga Kriminal. Currently he organizes and plays with other friends at milonga del Notariat in Barcelona. He has been invited in several milongas and festivals in Italy, France, Spain, Germany and Holland. He’s part of the Sulle Rive del Tango collective (www.sullerivedeltango.it)

Tango and tutti! From the great classics to more subtle themes... Nomad at heart based in Grenoble (France), Adèle sows tangos everywhere. She loves to dance it alongside musicians who play it, which is why she organizes numerous events and milongas with live music throughout the year.


Adele | France

Tangoand tutti!

From the great classics to more subtle themes....Nomad at heart based in Grenoble (France), Adele shows tangos everwhere. She loves to dance it alongside musicians who play it, which is why she organizes numerous events and milongas with live music throughout the year


David Kampassol | Catalonia

Tango addict from Barcelona. Teacher at Tangoticos since 2015. Has DJed in most of the milongas in Barcelona for the past 10 years.
Been part of the organization of El Colectivo del Tango, la Glorieta, and always an active part of Barcelona's social dance scene.
From Lomuto to the new orchestras, Kampa's musical selection will keep you dancing with power and love till your feet need a masseur.

the kitchen

Our chef Sergio Grispello,is a specialist in events, who, together with his team of assistants, offers healthy imaginative meals, always with an option for vegetarians. The kitchen is a convivial space where your help will be well received.
Breakfast is not included in the event, so that’s a good opportunity to have your coffee or tea on one of the sunny terraces in the town square.

the chef Sergio Grispello – ma cuisine

«Tis an ill cook that cannot lick his own fingers»
William Shakespeare
«Kitchens should be designed around what’s truly important-fun, food, and life»
Daniel Boulud